Cases & Lacambra is an independent law firm founded with the ambition to be the first Spanish and Andorran law firm to provide legal tailor made services designed to fulfill private client and financial institutions needs. We are the forerunners of the high-end law firms who are based on truly specialization, expertise of the teams, innovative and flexible organization, efficient services, cutting edge technology, confidence and loyalty to Clients.

Therefore in transactional operations, as in recurrent advice or punctual queries, the Firm is committed to the highest standard of client care that can be expected. We provide advice to our Clients understanding their commercial threats, opportunities and goals. Our aim is to provide a long lasting client relationship with a very careful client selection among their different business areas.

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in their fields of expertise and has been carefully selected from the most reputed international law schools. Our lawyers always work under the responsibility of an experienced partner. We are constantly looking for innovative and complete lawyers with international experience, research skills, PhD’s, double degree in law and economics, MBA’s, knowledge in corporate finance or any other outstanding ability in business law. Our structure and approach is intended to attract the most talented and entrepreneurial lawyers that enable us to achieve excellent results for our Clients in complex and critical matters.