Our Clients

Private Clients

Within this category we include private individuals, senior executives, entrepreneurs, families, commercial companies and groups of companies, family offices and other legal persons with need specific and advanced legal and tax advice linked to the day-to-day business activities, protection of their assets and long term planning of their wealth.

We provide legal advice to Private Clients on their tax planning, succession plans, act as counsel and execute their financial, real estate or equity investments and advise on the legal aspects of finance needs and help restructuring if necessary. We provide advice on the legal status and picture of asset allocation policies, ring fence investments providing as a bank benchmark advice as well as on the day-to-day commercial law aspects of their activities such as acting as their secretary of board. We represent families in dispute resolution and proceedings related to matters that may affect the financial wealth of the families.

We have a keen interest in helping entrepreneurs to start up their business and advising them on the efficient structure to achieve their goals.

In the Principality of Andorra we advise Private Clients on tax planning by creating efficient structures. Our Firm discretion, reliability, and expertise attract the trust of many Private Clients who have elected either to relocate in the Principality of Andorra or to transfer their vital center of wealth planning to such jurisdiction.

Financial Institutions

The Firm was founded with a vocation to serve Financial Institutions by giving high quality support to their senior management and internal legal teams.

We give full support to Spanish and international credit institutions, payment and electronic money entities, insurance companies, investment services firms, undertakings for collective investments, hedge funds and other financial entities that operate, plan to operate or have links to Spain and/or Andorra. Our lawyers’ extensive knowledge of the banking and financial sector law environment and products enables them to provide legal security, innovation and a quick response. Our key turn solutions vary from general conduct of business, corporate, contractual law finance, regulatory and litigation to a tax perspective.

We advise financial entities on financial taxation, banking law, regulatory compliance. We advise them on possible mergers, acquisitions, transfers, share participations, takeovers and similar transactions involving credit, insurance and financial companies. We help financial entities on the arrangement of stand alone or syndicated secured or unsecured financing transactions, in fixed income and hybrid debt issuances and complex derivatives structures. We represent financial institutions on claims in respect of their interbank and end user ordinary dealing activity, the placement of financial instruments and in suitability/ misrepresentations proceedings.


We advise companies in their corporate, tax and litigation legal matters. Our services include several episodes of the life of the company; family, listed, local and international. We have gained a solid experience providing legal advice as Corporate Lawyers and as secretary of boards of Directors. We advise the company since its incorporation and establishment, restructuring and reorganization; shareholders agreements, capital increases and investor entries, obligations and Directors responsibility, secretary of the boards, shareholders meetings, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, as well as debt issuance. We provide legal advice in relation with corporate and international agreements, distribution, logistics and transport matters, maritime and bankruptcy law. We offer multidisciplinary services to family companies regarding corporate, tax and litigation services, being relevant the design and drafting of family protocols. We collaborate with the Spanish Institute of Family Companies. We provide legal advice to listed companies and others that operate in regulated sectors regarding the governance rules required by the legislation in force. We support the internationalisation of companies by providing our legal advice in the process of designing, establishment and development of the projects of our clients in strategic sectors, in the jurisdictions where we have been working for more than a decade developing a distinguishing local knowledge.