Values and methodology

Loyalty, honesty and transparency

We go further than to merely comply with our strict code of ethics. Instead, we understand that a relationship with a Client is based on these values that must inform our lawyer’s professional and personal life.

Talent, continuous effort and tenacity:

When defending the interests of our Clients we believe that the combination of these values can lead us to reach the threshold line that means giving real added value to our Clients.

Quality of service and process innovation

We believe in small but extremely efficient partner managed teams with high technology support in order to be cost efficient towards our Client and also to make our firm sustainable in the time 

Open, international and multilingual vocation:

We are strongly committed to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment that supports the recruitment, retention and advancement of talented people irrespectively of their background.

Timely response

We consider that efficiency is based not only in cost but in responding to our Clients confidently in a timely manner.

Complete and well rounded lawyers, prestige and investigation:

We believe that specialization is only a mere highlight in a well rounded lawyer that must develop himself in all ways of professional life while investigates and gains prestige and reputation.

Relationship of trust with our Clients:

We try to build long lasting relationships with our Clients.

Key and bespoke international contacts:

As part of our true independence, when working in matters involving foreign jurisdictions we select firms and lawyers that are recognized to be the best in the respective field of law and better suit our Client needs.