International Desks

Middle East Desk

Cases & Lacambra is a reference advising investment transactions between Spain and the Middle East. 

The inbound and outbound investment opportunities between Spain and Middle East are growing rapidly. In this sense, an increasing number of companies from Middle East have increased their interests in the Spanish market, likewise, the Spanish interests towards the Middle East region its significantly increasing. Cases & Lacambra launched the Middle East Desk to support the business interests between the regions and provides a tailor-made legal advisement to the cross-border transactions. 

Our professionals of the Middle East Desk have an extended expertise in the region as they have practised, during several years, in many jurisdictions that integrate this Desk. They have advised in large number of transactions which have allowed them to acquire the necessary skills to understand and learn the local know-how.

Latin America Desk

Our firm coordinates and advises Spanish interests in Latin America and, at the same time, channels the legal and tax advice of relevant Latin American companies, family offices and financial players towards Spain and Andorra.

Our lawyers assist our Clients, Spanish and foreigners, establishing Spain as an investment hub towards Latin America. Cases & Lacambra regularly works with some of the main law firms in the different jurisdictions, which allows a full advice, taking in consideration the particularity of each jurisdiction and the specific area of law, identifying the best and most suitable professionals for each or situations.

Eastern Europe and Turkish Desk

The number of companies internationalising their business, the proximity of the region and the economical parameters of the CEE markets has result in a strong increasing interests of the Spanish companies in that region. The geographic perimeter of this Desk extends to all eastern European countries, and specially, Bulgaria, Rumania, Turkey, Poland and the former Yugoslavian Republic countries.

Cases & Lacambra offers a tailor-made advice together with local firms of undisputed prestige, according to the speciality of the area of practice and the necessary specifications of each case.

Our professionals have a large expertise of more than 10 years based on the CEE region jurisdictions, advising some of the most relevant Spanish interests and transactions, which has resulted in the growth of a strong local intelligence on the field. Our experience ranges among key sectors of the economy like energy, infrastructures, distribution and international trading, real estate and international conflicts resolution.

Financial Center Desk

This Financial Centers Desk, maintains a close link, in matters regarding banking and finance law, with the main locations that are currently leading this sector in the world like London, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore or Frankfurt, among others.

In this sense, Cases & Lacambra, through this Desk, assesses any Clients that have interests in any of those jurisdictions and which may be also linked to Spain or Andorra.

The members of this Desk have a wide professional cross-border experience in this sector, practising regularly in most of the main world financial centers, as well as maintaining a close collaboration with the most relevant local firms of undisputed prestige in this field.