Hotel standard deep clean

1x week or more

Hotel standard “small tidy up”

1x week or more

Grocery shopping.
You chose we make it happen

Breakfast service.
Every weekend

Restaurant delivery from top restaurants within the city

Arranging, pickup and receiving laundry putting it into wardrobe

  • Restaurant chef service, coming to your home
  • Express emergency cleaning within 3h
  • Car services
  • Security services
  • Concierge services, booking restaurants, clubs and other events.
  • Each house having its own portal, providing information about what can be offered and bookings can be made through the portal.
  • Making Errands
  • Rental service, for tenants wanting to rent out the apartment, we take care of the keys, cleaning, and offer the hotel service to the person staying in the apartment.


The service is offered to private individuals in housing complex, developers looking to offer services apartment for the full housing complex, but also to real estate agents looking to offer hotel services to short and long term rentals.

Services plans are bought from a perspective of rooms in order to make it simple. Each plan has 3 levels that differentiate them.


If the services is offered in the housing complex where the individual is having its apartment, the person does the following:

1. Calls + 44 560 77 890 or visits wonderway.co.uk.

2. the individual requests a visit from a WonderWay manager who will in person evaluate the needs and level of service and make a proposal and the sign an agreement with the tenant.

3. At anytime can the service be upgraded or changed in the client area on our website, or by calling our customer service.

4. Charge will be done by credit card each month.

5. During the duration of the contract, manager on location will visit and contact the owner and make sure services are provided to full satisfaction.


1. Deep Cleaning 1 time a week

2. Standard Tidy up fix 1 times per week

3. Weekend breakfast bag delivery outside door *

4. Concierge service *

5. Picking up and delivery of laundry *

6. Grocery shopping and put into fridge *

7. Emergency express cleaning within 3h* (can be useful if you forgot the dinner you was supposed to host the same day)

Aks manager about Gold and Platinum Plans!

All plans comes with a 12 month
contract and one month free,
when signing the contract. It is
renewed every year until it gets

from £455 / month


Embassy Gardens is London’s new diplomatic precinct on the riverside, the residential and commercial centrepiece of the Nine Elms Regeneration Area.

With the relocation of multiple embassies to this area, one of the most ambitious urban rejuvenation plans in London’s history has come to a successful fruition. Embassy Gardens now takes its place as the prestigious, forward-looking neighbour to illustrious districts such as Westminster and Chelsea.

After Ballymore group gave us their trust, and allowed WonderWay group to serve their tenants with Hotel service in there homes, we immediately took the following steps.

A tailored offer was created to the tenants of Embassy Gardensn unlike anything else before.

Our building manager reached out in person to the tenants explaining the luxury service offered at location.

More than half of the building signed up within the first month.

Since more than 15% of the owners was interested in using their apartment as a rental income generator, they appreciated the fact that WonderWay was able to provide hotel service and as a side effect they was able to increase the rent by 25%.



Explanation of our heritage to Monaco and services, enviroment aspects. How we work.

Wonderway is a groundbreaking company that offers services in your own home that you normally only expect from a 5 star hotel. The services offered is provided by highly trained staff, most of them is trained from the 5* hotel industry.